What Are The Common Trenbolone Side Effects?

There are many types of steroids in the market today. One of the most famous yet should be used with extreme care is the Trenbolone. A lot of researches have been done to deal with trenbolone side effects. Although it is considered to be very effective and it can increase body mass and strength, certain precautions need to be done in order to avoid or lessen the common side effects.

Side Effects Of Trenbolone In Men

Trenbolone Side EffectsTrenbolone side effects in men include gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is the swelling of breast tissue. This usually happens since trenbolone is administered with testosterone and when testosterone is metabolized in the body, it converts into estrogen. Estrogen as we all know is a hormone that is dominantly found in women. However, this does not mean that the drug causes water retention which is a good thing because if you do not suffer from this side effect, then you are okay.

Balding Side Effect

Among the most common side effects is balding. This side effect is more attributed to those who are predisposed to balding. So basically, this is more genetic in general sense. So if a man who uses trenbolone has a father who got bald as he got older, then he is more likely to get bald as well. It is just that trenbolone can hasten the process of balding.

Side Effect – Acne

The other side effect is acne. Again, people who are more prone to acne are likely getting it. However, those who never had or do not have it genetically does not mean that they cannot have it.

Side Effects Of Trenbolone In WomenSide Effects Of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is not recommended for women because this drug is highly androgenic. This means that it can change the usual pattern of the woman’s normal state such as the menstruation, can increase hair in parts where it is dominantly visible to a woman’s body.

Lack Of Sleep and Severe Sweating

This drug can cause insomnia or lack of sleep. In many cases, those who took this drug said that they are practically awakened even by the little noises. Aside from that, light activities such as going up or down the stairs can cause severe sweating. Of course, it can also affect the normal cardiovascular function to a certain degree. This is the reason why this drug is not recommended to those who are into strenuous activities or those activities that require cardiovascular fitness

Blood Pressure Problem

People suffering with hypertension are not allowed to take this drug because it can shoot up ones’ blood pressure. The idea that you should take note is that the higher the dosage used means the higher the blood pressure become.

Conclusion On Usage Of Trenbolone

Despite the common side effects of trenbolone, a lot of people are still using it because of its effectiveness. The important key to remember when using this is that it has to be administered in moderation to guarantee that you get the best results.

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